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When it comes to car maintenance, one of the big ticket items that seems to always happen unexpectedly is a damaged car windshield. And unlike other car problems, a windshield that has been cracked, split, or broken is not a repair that can wait. From catching a rock on the highway to accidents, there are plenty of opportunities for your windshield to run into trouble.

It may seem like your hands are tied on getting a new windshield for your vehicle. Unfortunately, not all insurance companies cover windshield replacement, or if they do, only under certain conditions. And because replacement companies expect to receive payments from insurance companies, they usually charge high prices. You could be facing hundreds in out of pocket expenses that you simply can’t avoid.

Windshield Repair In Corpus Christi

Don’t Replace Your Windshield!

When you don’t want to pay more for an expensive new windshield but don’t want to face hefty traffic citations, there’s only one alternative that’s affordable as it is convenient. Corpus Christi Windshield Repair offers the affordable choice in auto glass repair Corpus Christi TX. When other companies make it seem like you, absolutely have to replace your windshield, but the alternative is to receive the best local windshield repair estimate around. You’ll be amazed how much you can save on your windshield needs without buying an expensive new one.

Auto Glass Repair Corpus Christi

If you’ve recently experienced a rock chip in your auto glass, or need window ding repair, we have everything you need to make your car’s windshields and windows look like new again. Most small rock chip damages are little more than superficial. However, many companies will still insist that a small ding should lead to an expensive replacement. But with fast, local auto glass repair our team can fill most cracks easily, giving you a better option. Before you get roped into spending a fortune replacing your cracked windshield, let us give you the cheaper alternative without sacrificing quality service and convenience.

Broken Windshield In Corpus Christi?

After experiencing a partially broken windshield; it can leave you scrambling to find out how much windshield repair costs. In fact, many drivers become dismayed to find out just how expensive the local auto glass Corpus Christi companies charge, but they feel like there’s no other option.

Even with significantly damaged and broken windshields, our team can usually find a repair option for you. What many drivers don’t realize is that windshields aren’t one pane of glass; rather, it’s two separate pieces that encase the safety glass in-between them. As a result, damage to the auto glass may not be nearly as bad as it first looks, allowing repair options rather than straight replacements.

We offer many different services to meet any sized problem and budget, including:

Bull’s Eye Cracks


Edge Cracks

Floater Cracks

Long Cracks

Stress Cracks

Glass Scratches

And more.

Before you go to an expensive replacement company for your windshields, let us help you first.

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For more service options and better pricing than any other local Corpus Christi, TX company

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The Best Choice

We understand that they are cheap do-it-yourself kits available to purchase at most discount stores, and they are easy to use even without any windshield repair experience at all. However, these ineffective epoxies are at best a band-aid fix for your auto glass. These kits’ applications quickly wear out in the hot Texas sun, and before you know it a crack you thought was repaired has now spread out across the glass once more. Many times, in fact, the cracks becomes worse than ever before, leaving you wishing that you had called a repair service first.

We use professional grade epoxies to ensure a long lasting crack repair each time. Rather than use a cheap filler, our filling solutions expand within the crack and quickly dry on contact making it look like new. Once applied, it binds the cracked portions of your glass and then wiped away smooth, giving a clear finish to any glass surface. Unlike the cheap kits, you’ll find at the store; you’ll never even know that you had a crack in the first place!

Even with larger cracks and blemishes, we still have top quality service options that will prevent you from having to replace your windshield. As long as your auto glass is salvageable, we can make it safe once more. With the better local option in car glass repairs, you’ll be glad you used our team first.

The Convenient Choice

No matter where in the greater Corpus Christi area your car is, we can provide fast mobile repair services right to your door. Other companies force you to come to them, but we understand what a hassle that can be. Rather than make you schedule an appointment out of your busy schedule, let us come to you at your home, office, or other location that’s convenient for you.

We service more surrounding communities than anyone else in the area. Choose us for windshield repair services in:


Aransas Pass




Mustand Island


Flour Bluff

And the surrounding communities.

By servicing more cars in the area with lower prices than any other company, you know you’re getting the best deal each time. Stop overpaying for vehicle glass replacement and have your best windshield repair today!

No Obligation Windshield Repair Quotes

We know that when it comes to vehicle maintenance repair options, you usually get sticker shock before any work is completed. And when they have your car sitting in their shop’s garage, you don’t have much choice to agree to their terms. Because we fix your vehicle’s glass at your location, you have the freedom to choose who to have service your vehicle. We offer a free quote without obligation to hire us, allowing you to see the savings we can offer you for your needs. We know you won’t a better value anywhere else, and we’re always here to fix your car’s glass!

For the best choice in convenient and affordable auto glass repairs, just call Corpus Christi Windshield Repair.