When you need the best local Corpus Christi auto glass repair services, you won’t find a better choice than Corpus Christi Windshield Repair. We offer repairs for more types of cracks than any other company in the area. With more service options, more affordable pricing, and convenient mobile services, you’ll get the best value with our team each time.

Lower Pricing

When other companies force you to agree to expensive replacement services, or they only offer basic glass repair options, you need someone better to solve all of your needs. You may not be able to drive with a broken windshield, but we offer the faster option with convenient mobile services. We come to you each time so that you don’t have to wait for a service technician to help you with your cracked glass. By avoiding the expensive auto garage, you’ll pay lower prices and have the freedom to work around your hectic schedule. Don’t miss work for an expensive windshield replacement; let us come to you and repair your auto glass for less.

We travel to more outlying communities to service more car owners in the greater Corpus Christi area. Other companies have a smaller service area or only stick to the suburbs. But we know auto glass cracks, scratches, and breaks can happen anytime, anywhere. We go further than just the downtown area and a few neighborhoods; no matter where your vehicle is, we can be there faster than anyone else can.

The Trusted Choice

Although mobile glass repair services aren’t new; many drivers don’t always trust them. They feel that all auto repairs must be completed in an expensive mechanic’s shop. This is more than likely due to too many cheap repair teams who only cover small chips and other low-quality teams that only want insurance money. In fact, some of these companies do little more than buy a repair kit from the store but charge for professional services.

Without forcing you into a repair garage, we get the best results each time. We use only the best professional grade sealants, epoxies, and other tools and equipment to restore your auto glass to like new again. And unlike those cheap DIY kits, your windows and windshields won’t have that cloudy finish in the end.

We secure our crack sealing formula in place with a dedicated instrument that can easily apply our high-quality solution no matter where in the glass you have blemishes. In a matter of seconds a pressurized application digs in deep into the chip or crack, filling in the damaged area and binding to the remaining glass. By developing a cement-like bond, your glass’s cracks won’t continue to spread, and it’ll perform just as a brand new piece of glass would. Best of all, you get this professional service at a fraction of what a windshield replacement would cost.

Call Today

When you need fast, affordable, and convenient windshield repair services, just give us a call, and we’ll be there. We also offer a free quote upon request before we start any work.

For the best choice in convenient and affordable auto glass repairs, just call Corpus Christi Windshield Repair.